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Eco-CorFlex – Next Generation Industrial Concrete Coatings

Our proprietary, industrial-grade low-VOC and low-odor epoxy, polyurea, polyaspartic and polyurethane coatings are designed for safe indoor and outdoor commercial, retail and residential applications. When applied by our network of highly trained and certified applicators, our coating systems:

  • Protect against abrasion and wear associated with heavy loads and high foot/vehicular traffic
  • Strongly shield against the penetration of stains, including oil and other contaminants
  • Provide extreme UV protection and safeguard against weathering and harsh environments
  • Deliver extreme protection against moisture infiltration (moisture vapor transmission or MVT)
  • Mitigate against future concrete cracking by affording unparalleled flexural strength
  • Conceal and repair surface concrete cracks, efflorescence, pitting and breaks
  • Provide slip-resistance with the addition of anti-skid aggregates
  • Allow for trouble-free, near-effortless cleaning and maintenance

Municipalities: It’s your city – take control. Cities don’t have to be ugly. Our proprietary Poly Enhance seal & stain coating systems beautify and bring life back to a wide array of surfaces like concrete, stamped and decorative concrete, pavers, brick and exposed aggregate. It could save your municipality millions of dollars in maintenance and re-coats.

Hotels & Hospitality: Faded, worn and stained substrates create the impression that your property isn’t well maintained. This can impact repeat business and referrals. Our Eco-Corflex epoxy-polyaspartic and sealer products will renovate and restore your property. Update entryways, walkways, and pool areas to increase aesthetics and boost property value.

Residential Applications: Protect and enhance the aesthetic quality of your home, while increasing living space and resale value. Our industrial-grade Eco-Corflex line of epoxy, polyurea, polyaspartic and polyurethane products produce flooring that’s crazy durable and easy to maintain. Perfect for protecting and beautifying your favorite indoor or outdoor spaces.

Contractors: Repair and warranty work can jeopardize your business. Our Eco-Corflex industrial-grade line of liquid coating products and proprietary coating systems are remarkably moisture, UV and stain-resistant. Looking for high-end coating products or interested in becoming an authorized Eco-Corflex dealer? Contact us at 866-406-2628 for more information.

Where Can Our Liquid Coatings be Applied?

Our industrial-grade concrete coatings are applied by certified installers only. They’re used throughout the US to install proprietary epoxy, polyurea-polyaspartic and polyurethane coating systems in garages and on exterior patios, walkways, entrances and handicap ramps. And inside too, in residential and commercial kitchens, basements and office spaces. We coat huge warehouses, restaurants, parking garages, car dealerships and airplane hangars. Winter, spring, summer and fall. Retail, commercial and residential. Our products…any time, any space.

Where Quality & Durability Meets Aesthetics

Our epoxy, polyurea-polyaspartic and polyurethane concrete coatings provide our certified installers and their customers with all the necessary dimensions of quality…performance, reliability, durability and serviceability. Our certified installers use these quality products to produce an aesthetically stunning series of coating “systems”: seamless (solid), partial and full-chip thermoplastic (PVA), partial and full-chip mica, and metallic coating systems. Each coating system is available in a variety of colors and styles.

Seamless (Solid-Color)
Coating Systems

Partial PVA & Mica
Coating Systems

Full-Chip PVA & Mica
Coating Systems

Metallic Epoxy
Coating Systems

Clear Sealing
Coating Systems

Stained Sealing
Coating Systems
10 Questions to Ask During the Bidding Process

A properly applied coating is an investment that will both protect and beautify your property. As with any improvement project, ensure the company you choose is qualified to perform the work and uses durable, yet safe, products. Eco-CorFlex provides its “10 Important Questions” brochure to ask every coating company you engage in the bidding process. At Eco-CorFlex, we understand the importance of getting all the details before installing a new floor coating. After all, it will be showcasing your property for all to see. Asking these questions of a prospective coating company will help you make the right choice for your surface coating needs. View Questions


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